Furniture Components

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Furniture Components

Our extensive furniture catalogue holds a variety of fasteners and components. Manufactured from high quality materials like mild and stainless steel, zinc alloy and nylon, all products in this category are guaranteed to serve their purpose offering excellent durability and longevity. Our furniture range includes B, D and E types of insert nuts, manufactured from zinc alloy with zinc and yellow finish. Insert nuts are designed to provide a strong permanent thread for wood, they are installed by simply screwing or knocking the body into the material. External thread on the fastener ensures strong resistance from pull out. Teenuts from SD Products provide a low cost threaded anchor for wood or sheet metal. Connector bolts and connector screws are perfect for joining wood to wood and, in when used with connector caps, offer a low profile, decorative finish. Our cross dowels, fir tree buttons and allen keys are widely used in furniture assembly.