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Marine & Fabric Fasteners

Our extensive catalogue holds a variety of marine, fabric and clothing fasteners and components. All products in this category are manufactured form quality brass and polyacetal, they are low-cost and easy to use. Our spur teeth washers and grommets as well as brass eyelets and rings are used extensively in all textile industry. Tri snaps offer an economical snap fastener, ideal for lightweight applications. We stock a large range of DOT brand fasteners which are well known for their quality and durability. Durable dot and pull the dot ranges from SD Products made from heavy gauge brass and designed to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure without unlocking. The fasteners are self-piercing so that they can be attached even to the roughest fabrics without the need for pre-punching. Common sense turnbuttons are positive locking fasteners assembled with a spring mechanism that holds the stud button in position until turned by hand. Carpet fastenings consist of a ring and a clinch plate which, when combined, can be attached to any stud.