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Durable Dot

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Product Description

Dot Brand ImageDurable Dot fasteners are a heavy duty range of snap fasteners, these are self piercing so that they can be attached to most fabrics without the need for pre-punching.



Hand Assembly Tool Kit
A set of Hand Tools for Durable Dot assembly is available. The holder is equipped with 2 beds on each side – one for buttons and another for eyelets. Using a hammer with the punch tool they can be fixed together with sockets and studs respectively.

Further finishes are available and stainless steel is also available for certain items, these may be subject to minimum order quantities.

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Durable Dot
Product Code DescriptionDHFinish Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
00670-00LC0 BUTTON154Black N/A 50 £6.17 Enquire Now
00670-OOCCO BUTTON154Nickel plated 11188 50 £5.00
00671-OOLCO BUTTON145Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00671-00CC0 BUTTON145Nickel plated 63 50 £5.00
00665-00BLK BUTTON158Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00665-00CC0 BUTTON158Nickel plated N/A 50 £5.98 Enquire Now
00548-C0LC0 SOCKET NORMAL ACTION144Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00548-00CC0 SOCKET NORMAL ACTION144Nickel plated 3768 50 £5.00
00548-E0CC0 SOCKET EASY ACTION144Nickel plated N/A - N/A Enquire Now
00548-TOLCO SOCKET HARD ACTION144Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00548-TOCCO SOCKET HARD ACTION144Nickel plated 792 50 £5.00
00550-00LC0 STUD145Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00550-00CC0 STUD145Nickel plated N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00021-00CCO STUD LOW PROFILE144Nickel plated 9405 50 £5.00
00550-0ALC0 EYELET146Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00550-0ACC0 EYELET146Nickel plated N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00550-OBLCO EYELET148Black 59983 50 £5.00
00550-0BCC0 EYELET148Nickel plated N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00550-OCLCO EYELET149Black N/A 50 £5.00 Enquire Now
00550-0CCC0 EYELET149Nickel plated 1162 50 £5.00
Hand Assembly Tool Kit
Product Code Description Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
670-550A-BEDS Hand Tool Holder with 2 Beds 4 1 £39.00
164-PUNCH Hand Tool Punch 7 1 £19.00