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Telescopic Ball Bearing Slides

A large range of telescopic ball bearing slides is available from SD Products through our manufacturing partner Schock Metall. Schock Metall is a family owned company based in Urbach, Germany. With over 40 years of experience in the market, Schock has established itself as a globally recognized expert in the field of ball bearing slides, glides, runners and special profiles. The company is widely known for providing quality “Made in Germany” products in a variety of business sectors, including industry, automotive, household appliances, furniture and office. Schock Metall is a leader in linear motion technology and the company’s stringent quality standards are considered benchmarks in the industry. Schock’s telescopic ball bearing slides and glides are known for excellent running characteristics, high reliability under load and long, maintenance-free service life. Special cold-rolled profiles are manufactured according to customer requirements and offer unlimited design possibilities. In 2013 Schock Metal set a new standard in sliding technology when they introduced AIR MOTION – a new smooth-action sliding system. The concept of AIR MOTION stands for excellent smooth operation, comfortable feel, high-quality appearance, high resilience and long durability.