Panel Trim & Spire Fasteners (Metal)

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Panel Trim & Spire Fasteners (Metal)

Metal fasteners offer the most reliable and secure fixings for a variety of materials. Carbon and spring steel used in the manufacture of these parts makes them highly resistant to stress and tough enough to withstand even the most extreme conditions without permanent deformation. Manufacture of steel fasteners may include numerous treatment techniques, for example hardening, tempering or austempering. “Hardening and tempering” is a heat treatment process which involves applying heat of various levels of intensity to a piece of metal until it reaches the optimal hardness and durability. Austempering is a similar process, however it also involves placing the steel in a molten salt bath which results in it being infused with an acicular microstructure known as bainite. SD Products Ltd offers metal fasteners in a number of finishes: black, blue, zinc, as well as custom finishes on request, ideal for any application. Speaking of applications, metal fasteners have a huge number of uses. They can vary widely from securing fabrics and plastics in place to heavy machinery and construction.