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Push and Screw Type Retainers & Nuts

A wide variety of nuts, fixed, washers and retainers is available in this category. Locknuts, also known as locking nuts, provide a sound vibration proof locking action with minimum space requirements. Self-threading nuts have a low height with small exterior dimensions so they are ideal where space is restricted. The thread forming displaces material without making swarf. Washer type self-threading nuts have the resilience of the washer providing a firm assembly but cushion the shock of tightening so that fragile components are not broken or damaged. Flat nuts can be used to replace threaded nuts and washers while push on fixes push onto a stud, both offering a secure low profile fixing. Flat round pushnuts are economical and easy to install, they provide a good balance between maximum holding strength and reasonable push on force. Our bolt retainers are designed to be pushed onto a bolt to prevent the thread coming away from the assembly. Toothed retainer washers and capped push on fixes are ideal for use in prams, toys and household appliances. Tophat retainers cover the ends of rods and studs with a neat, smooth appearance. They are quickly assembled by simply pushing on by hand.