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Self Threading Nuts - Washer Type

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Product Description

Washer Type Self Threading Nuts have the resilience of the washer providing a firm assembly but cushion the shock of tightening so that fragile components are not broken or damaged. The thread forming displaces material without producing swarf.

Austempered Carbon Steel

Phosphate Painted Black/Zinc

*Extra Measurements

T1 – Recommended Tightening Torque for Die Cast Stud in Newton Meters.
F1 – Resulting Tension in Newtons.
T2 – Recommended Tightening Torque for Steel Studs in Newton Meters.
F2 – Resulting Tension in Newtons.

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Product Code StudDF1F2HT1T2W Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
SD-030013 313.5--4.25--8 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-125007-BLK 3.211.14005784. N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-320011 3.2114005784.71.72.98 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-040014 414.5--4.5--9 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-188008-NOE 4.812.793413355.5--9.5 1000 100 £10.00
SD-050014 514.5--4.5--9 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-050015-O-D 51589013355.44.56.110 99346 100 £6.99
SD-050021-BLK 52171212466.65.77.210 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-060015 615.1--5.8--11 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-630018-BLK 6.31889013356.78.510.211 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-250011-BLK 6.417.589013356.38.510.211.1 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
SD-080013 813--7.9--20 N/A - N/A Enquire Now