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Worm gear 2010

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Product Description

Worm gear for universal applications
Centre distance 20 mm
Compact design
Outer dimensions 60x60x35 mm
7 ratios of 13:1 to 65:1
Aluminium housing, anodized

Special features
Smallest dimensions for max. torque
Smooth and silent running
Simple screw mounting

Customer specific
Other ratios are available on request.

*maximum radial force at Fa=0
**maximum axial force at Fr=0

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Product Code Ratio iSelf locking staticMax. drive torque M in NmMax. output torque M in NmSpeed range n in rpmRadial force* Fr in NAxial force** Fa in NDegree of efficiency in %Weight in g Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
2010.00-V01R65 65 : 1yes0.2/0.2/0.24.5/3.8/3.0100/500/100020020031432 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V02R40 40 : 1yes0.4/0.3/0.35.5/4.8/4.0100/500/100025025037426 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V03R30 30 : 1yes0.6/0.5/0.48.5/7.0/5.5100/500/100025025045438 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V04R23 23 : 1yes0.9/0.7/0.510.0/8.0/6.0100/500/100025025050428 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V05R18 18 : 1yes1.1/0.9/0.711.0/9.0/7.0100/500/100035035051426 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V06R15 15 : 1no1.5/1.3/1.012.0/10.0/8.0100/500/100040040054425 N/A - N/A Enquire Now
2010.00-V07R13 13 : 1no2.1/1.8/1.515.0/13.0/11.0100/500/100050050058422 N/A - N/A Enquire Now