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Gas spring spindle actuator 3051

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Product Description

Gas spring supported spindle lift drive with mechanical blocking unit. The manual lift drive for two-leg tables is actuated by a manual release with Bowden cables. The travel of 500 mm meets the requirements of the new standards for sitting/standing tables. The safety actuator prevents the user from actuating the table unintentionally.

Special features
The system is modular in design, and the table is therefore easy to assemble on-site for the end customer. The connecting tube between the table legs and the manual actuator is only fitted during final assembly. This means that the table can be sent in the normal way to any part of the world with the minimum package dimensions.

Customer specific
The connecting tube is adjusted for the specific distance between the legs on your table. Spring forces and the length of the lifting unit can be customized according to needs.

Safety instruction
The gas spring develops large acceleration forces unless these are counteracted by a corresponding counter- weight designed into the table. The brakes must not be released unless there is an adequate counterweight to slow the movement of the gas spring.

Additional technical data Gas spring spindle actuator 3051

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Product Code StrokeGas spring F1Retracted length Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
3051.00-V01H500F200 500 mm200 N643 mm N/A - N/A Enquire Now
3051.00-V01HXXXFXXX customer specificationcustomer specification643 mm N/A - N/A Enquire Now
3052.40-V01LXXX --customer specification N/A - N/A Enquire Now
3051.49-0001 --for tables 1200x800 mm to 1600x800 mm N/A - N/A Enquire Now