BLDC wheel hub motor i-Wheel - 3213.00-3XXX

Product Description

Direct drive - Benefits in a nutshell
> No gearbox – no wear
> Much longer service life compared to conventional drive technology with a gear stage
> Excellent running properties with barely perceptible noise level
> Ultra-compact with extremely high power density
> Possible to replace the wheel coating at our premises

Safety first
> Rotational control system using diverse redundancy
> PL-d safety level achievable with suitable controller
> Safe production processes, as there are no risks of contamination from gear oils and greases (no gearbox)

The choice is yours - we implement it
> Encoder optional: BiSS, SSI, TTL incremental (various resolutions)
> Brake optional: permanent magnetic brake or spring-operated brake
> Can be combined with various controllers
> Customer-specifi c mechanical integration and system connection

Additional technical data i-Wheel

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Idle running speed No-load current Achievable max. speed Rated voltage Rated current Rated torque Rated speed Shaft power (output) Max. speed at rated torque Max. efficiency Idle speed Starting current at idle speed Torque constant Speed constant Terminal resistance (phase to phase) Terminal inductance Rotor inertia Max. radial axle load F Max. axial axle load F Number of magnets poles Encoder type in standard Encoder resolution Material of the coating Interconnection of the motor
225 rpm 0.4 A up to 7 km/h 48 VDC 4.7 A 10 Nm 154 rpm 161 W 5 km/h 78% 34 Nm 30 A 2.1 Nm/A 3.2 min⁻¹ V⁻¹ 1.75 Ohm 15 mH 26850 kgmm² 7500 N 2500 N 32 Digital Halls + TTL magnetic incremental ABZ 4096 cpr PU-Rad: 92° ±3° Shore A L63S4

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