Wire/Cable Holders

Product Description

Wire/Cable Holders are designed to mount into 5mm hole diameters. Wire/Cable Holders can be used in a variety of panel thicknesses and materials. Sizes are available to handle wire bundle diameters from 9.5mm to 12.7mm.

Natural Nylon 6/6

Product Code Hole Diameter Panel Range A B C No. of Packs
CH-0010 5MM VARIABLE 9.5 12.7 23.4 Enquire Now
CH-0020 5MM VARIABLE 9.5 19 29.8 Enquire Now
CH-0030 5MM VARIABLE 12.7 19 30.5 Enquire Now
CH-0040 5MM VARIABLE 12.7 25.4 37.3 Enquire Now
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