Sugatsune Door Holder With Wire - Stainless Steel - DHW-0010-304L

Product Description

> Automatically locks door when fully opened.
> Slide the grip to release the lock. Slide the grip to the end to remain unlocked.
> Safe and reliable operation without closing the door while releasing the lock.
> Indicator turns red when locked.
> Either 1 piece use and 2 pieces use is available.

> Release the lock while supporting the door.
> Opening angle and installation position change depending on the position of hinge centre. Determine the installation position based on the hinges used and cabinet shape.

Lamp by Sugatsune

Type Tension Force N/pc Tension Force kgf/pc Compression Load N/pc Compression Load kgf/pc Weight
Left-handed 1470 150 588 60 650 g

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