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E Clips - Reinforced - SR-EM-RE-SL-12

Product Code: SR-EM-RE-SL-12

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Product Description

Radially Assembled, External Reinforced ‘E’, ANSI Metric

The SR-EM-RE-SL retaining ring is a reinforced version of the SR-EM-E ring, which will accommodate higher thrust loadings and RPM. SR-EM-RE-SL rings function in the same size grooves as regular E rings, so that you can change from one to the other without re-engineering the application.

*F.I.M. (Full Indicator Movement) – Maximum allowable deviation of concentricity between groove and shaft.
For plated rings, add 0.05 to the listed maximum thickness. Maximum thickness will be a minimum of 0.005 less than the listed groove width (W) minimum.

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Shaft Dia. (mm) Ds Shaft Dia. (Ds DEC) Groove Depth (d) Groove Dia. (Dg and Tol.) Groove Width (W and Tol.) Ring Free Dia. (Df and Tol.) Ring Thickness (T and Tol.) Free O.D. (G Ref) Groove Dia. (F.I.M.*) Wt. Per 1000 pcs. Released In Groove (L2)
12 0.472 1.25 9.5 (-0.15) 1.2 (+0.15) 9.1 (±0.1) 1.1 (±0.06) 19.6 0.1 1.2 20.4