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Over-extension Series 044

For illustration purposes only

Product Description

Load capacity up to 60 kg.
Travel 100% +.
Detachable inner rail.
Hold-out detent.
Positive stop in closed position.

Materials and finishes
Slide rails: zinc electroplated and blue passivated steel
Ball cages: pre-zinced steel
Balls: hardened carbon steel

Temperature range
Working temperature +10°C to +40°C
Storage and transport temperature -20°C up to max. +80°C

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Product Code LengthTravelLoad Capacity Per Pair (kg) (at 100.000 cycles)ABCDEFWeight (kg / pair) Qty (In Stock) Pack Size Price (Per Pack)
044-10390Z 30531645---260.3273-1.12 N/A 1 Pair £55.55 Enquire Now
044-10391Z 33035345--273285.7298.4-1.2 N/A 1 Pair £56.50 Enquire Now
044-10392Z 35638146--298.4311.1323.8-1.32 N/A 1 Pair £58.40 Enquire Now
044-10393Z 40643349--349.2361.9374.6250.81.52 N/A 1 Pair £59.46 Enquire Now
044-10394Z 45748450212.7-400412.7425.4301.61.72 N/A 1 Pair £60.20 Enquire Now
044-10395Z 50853151238.1365.1450.9463.6476.3352.41.92 N/A 1 Pair £62.10 Enquire Now
044-10396Z 53355451250.8390.5476.2488.9501.6377.81.99 N/A 1 Pair £62.63 Enquire Now
044-10397Z 55958551263.5415.9501.6514.3527403.22.09 N/A 1 Pair £63.06 Enquire Now
044-10398Z 61063652288.9466.7552.4565.1577.84542.28 N/A 1 Pair £63.59 Enquire Now
044-10399Z 66068752314.3517.5603.2615.9628.6504.82.46 N/A 1 Pair £64.01 Enquire Now