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Spring Steel Fasteners from SD Products

Spring Steel FastenersSpring steel fasteners offer the most reliable and secure fixings for a wide variety of materials. SD Products stocks one of the largest ranges of spring steel edge, panel and cable clips in the UK. Carbon and spring steel used in the manufacture of these parts makes them highly resistant to stress and tough enough to withstand even the most extreme conditions without permanent deformation.

SD Products Ltd offers metal fasteners in a number of finishes: black, blue, zinc, as well as custom automotive finishes on request, suitable for specialist application. Our growing tooling program consists of over 150 tools, including our range of standard catalogue parts and specials to customer individual applications.

SD Products spring steel range includes a large number of fastener types. Our edge clips provide a secure fixing for two panels and are ideal for the quick assembly of dissimilar metals, wood and plastics. Trim type edge clips are primarily used in the automotive assembly, however they can have other industrial applications and can often be found in various domestic appliances. The barbed U-shaped body of the fastener ensures a secure and rattle-free installation. Lugnuts perform great in heavy duty applications, offering a strong and reliable fixing in sheet materials. High quality austempered carbon steel makes these fasteners ideal for more physically demanding environments. They can be also found in electrical equipment, various machinery and even domestic appliances. Spring steel clips can often be found encased in a nylon body of various types of cable clips. The steel element in the cable clip offers extra hold and increased vibration resistance.

Spring steel fasteners in SD Products catalogue undergo numerous treatment techniques to ensure best possible level of quality. These may include hardening, tempering or austempering. Hardening and tempering are heat treatment processes which involve applying heat of various levels of intensity to a piece of metal until it reaches the optimal hardness and durability. Austempering is a similar process, however it also involves placing the steel in a molten salt bath which results in it being infused with an acicular microstructure known as bainite, offering extra levels of hardness. Different balances of hardness and toughness achieved through heat treatment procedures make our fasteners appropriate for different types of applications. The applications can vary widely, from securing fabrics and plastics in place to heavy machinery and construction.

For pricing and availability please contact our sales team on 01623 655 265 or email us on [email protected].

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