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SD Products, Proud to be an Official ARaymond Distributor

It is with great pleasure we are proud to announce our official association with ARaymond. Since its inception in 1865, the ARaymond Network has become a world leader in assembly technology with a history marked by defining inventions. A core value of the Network, innovation always has been encouraged and developed within the company. In its 150 years, four generations of the Raymond family have continued the pioneering spirit of the founder with a determination to innovate and maintain its status as a family business.

ARaymond selection

The Network core competencies include:

  • Engineering and services within its customer networks;
  • Metal transformation;
  • Plastic injection;
  • Production of adhesives, and Automatic, high-speed assembly of parts made of metal, plastic or a combination of both.

ARaymond™ fastening solutions for industry are suitable for a wide range of applications, including domestic appliances, Electrical, lighting, electronic, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), furniture, vending machine, etc.

ARaymond Industrial offers assembly and fastening solutions in Plastic and Metal and assembly of both that enable manufacturers to achieve significant productivity improvements. ARaymond Industrial delivers fast, simple fixing solutions, facilitating and speeding up production line assembly operations. Besides cutting manpower costs, the latest ARaymond™ clips, fasteners and connectors also bring added-value benefits in terms of weight reduction, simpler quality control, more efficient logistics and lower recycling costs.

ARaymond Industrial engineers can work alongside OEMs to redesign components and adapt manufacturing processes so they can achieve the highest levels of productivity possible, reduce workers muscle strains from using either it’s standard or bespoke fastening solutions.

SD Products Ltd looks forward to a long standing and successful relationship with the ARaymond Network, adding this portfolio of product can only enhance the service we provide to our clients.

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