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SD Products designs a solution for Jaguar Land Rover

SD Products Ltd is a third generation family owned business with over 40 years of experience as a stockist distributor of specialist fasteners. With each year, as our business continues to grow, we aim to raise the bar and further expand our extensive product catalogue. One of the areas we focused on in 2016 was our automotive range, which already includes over 900 unique fasteners and fixings.

In addition to our standard stock we often have to come up with unique solutions to suit our customers’ precise requirements. We recently received an enquiry from a tier 1 Jaguar Land Rover supplier for a fixing that would hold a seal to a BIW (Body in White) section of a vehicle. The brief was to design a low profile fastener for both A and B surfaces that would also have to prevent lateral movement.

We visited the customer, assessed the application and found that none of the available fixings would completely prevent a possibility of clashing with supporting BIW. We came up with a design for a brand new solution that consisted of a 2 piece snap fastener and raised the initial drawing. First 3D printed prototypes of the design revealed that some excess material needed to be removed from the fastener head.

After all necessary amendments were completed the updated version of the design was submitted for a second round of prototyping. The part was subsequently deemed fit for purpose and taken to tooling stage. The final batch of samples was tested and approved by the tier 1 supplier and Jaguar Land Rover, the part is now in full production. Contact us for any design or engineering solutions you would like us to help with.

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