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Product Spotlight: Latches and Strikes

Latches and strikes, also known as latches and strikers, are ideal for smaller doors and access panels. They offer an easy solution for holding a panel in place securely in a fastened position. Latching devices from SD Products Ltd are manufactured from durable plastic to ensure a smooth, quiet and long life operation. They are available in a variety of opening and closing pressures, at higher temperatures pull out loads are affected. Door catches and studs form us are quick and easy to install, they are suitable for most applications including domestic appliances and steel doors. Additionally in our catalogue you can find roller catches and studs, which are perfect for numerous applications including oven doors and steel cabinets. Manufactured from high quality austempered carbon steel both catch and stud are highly durable and stress resistant.

Latches and Strikes

For pricing and availability please contact our sales team on 01623 655 265 or email us on [email protected].

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