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New ranges of stainless and spring steel fasteners

Safety ClipsA brand new range of 12-150mm Safety Clips is now available from SD Products. These fasteners are manufactured from high grade spring steel, offering excellent stress and corrosion resistance, as well as ability to withstand considerable forces without any distortion. High yield strength of spring steel in our safety clips allows them to return to their original shape, even after substantial deflection, twisting or compression, without suffering any significant deformation. Safety clips are well suited for both domestic and industrial applications and can be easily installed or removed by hand.

Several new lines of stainless steel Connector Bolts and Nuts have been added to our furniture fastener range. Connector bolts are designed to be used with connector caps nuts - nut applying an axial clamping force and the shank of the bolt acting as a dowel, pinning the joint against sideways shear forces. Our connector bolts are suitable for a variety of furniture applications, flat low profile bolt heads allowing for a decorative finish.

stainless and spring steel fasteners

We have increased our range of mild steel Slab Base T-nuts and added a new range of stainless steel 4 pronged t-nuts. T-nuts have a wide range uses – ideal for automotive, domestic, furniture and industrial applications. Durable, reliable and low in cost, these fasteners are designed to securely anchor particle or composite materials like wood and plastic to a workpiece. Produced from high quality mild and stainless steel, t-nuts from SD Products are sturdy and hard-wearing.

SD Products Ltd is committed to providing superior products and services and competitive prices for our customers. Thanks to our large quantities of stocked items we are able to offer speedy deliveries with next day dispatch to the UK and free local delivery around the Mansfield and Nottinghamshire area.

For pricing and availability please contact our sales team on 01623 655 265 or email us on [email protected].

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