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New heavy-duty drive for assembly tables

4779 heavy duty driveWith its compact construction, Ketterer's new 4779 heavy-duty drive for adjustable assembly tables combines power and precision while taking up very little space. The gear motor powered linear actuator is designed for continuous load lifting of up to 200 kg, with an integrated engine brake for maximum safety.

Modifications, shrinking lot sizes and fluctuating order intake make assembly and production processes increasingly more complex. One solution is adjustable assembly tables, which can also bear heavier loads and be adjusted quickly to ergonomic requirements according to need. It has reliable and precisely operating heavy duty drives, concealed in the legs of the assembly table — the necessary foundations for a smooth operation. With Industry 4.0 and the interlinking of relevant information in real-time, reliable adjustable assembly tables, that can adapt to a pre-programmed height autonomously via software control, will be a future competitive advantage.

Ketterer's 4779 Heavy-Duty Drive offers assembly table manufacturers a reliable solution. It consists of a combination of a high-performance drive engine and a spindle. Since the spindle is positioned parallel to the motor, designed as an inline drive, the construction requires only a small amount of installation space. The drive is equipped with an integrated brake, so that the table stays securely in position under heavy loads — even if there is a power failure. The worm gears are made of steel and brass, making the drive extremely durable and able to withstand heavy loads. Ketterer produces the spindles and gears itself, ensuring the best quality possible.

With the help of customer-specific adjustable adapters, the Heavy-Duty Drive can be integrated into many lifting columns and just about every adjustable assembly table. It comes in two standard versions:

  • For loads up to 180 kilograms with a lifting speed of 20 millimeters per second (special 12 x 12 threads).
  • For loads up to 200 kilograms with a lifting speed of 12 millimeters per second (special 16 x 8 threads).

Ketterer specializes in finding the best possible solutions for the individual requirements of assembly table manufacturers. Ketterer has the best solution for your performance requirements of both maximum lifting capacity and optimum speed.

For pricing and availability please contact our sales team on 01623 655 265 or email us on [email protected].

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