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Eco-friendly solution for ergonomic workplaces

The new crank lifting system 3053 from Ketterer is the “green” solution for vertical adjustable work surfaces. It allows for stepless adjustment of working heights from of 590 mm to 1,250 mm in less than no time with minimal required installation space, all without electricity.

The new, purely mechanical crank lifting system from Ketterer allows a maximum lift of 660 mm. Tables can be adjusted quickly, because each crank rotation creates 40 mm of height difference. Thus any table height between 590 and 1,250 mm can quickly and easily be set with just a few turns. The new crank lifting system meets the European sit-stand norm DIN EN 527-1 for ergonomic workstations and even provides an individually ideal working height for taller people. The Ketterer lifting system runs extremely smoothly even under loads: Working surfaces can be easily and effortlessly adjusted up to a recommended load of a maximum of 40 kg. The lifting system is self-braking and holds a table in its fixed position up to a maximum table load of 120 kg.

3053 Ketterer

Installation and adjustment of the table height takes place without electricity, only manpower is required. Here too, the smoothly running crank lifting system from Ketterer is extremely economical, because it can be easily operated without much effort.

“Due to its manual operation, the Ketterer system makes an important contribution to energy savings and protecting the environment."
– Ketterer CEO Odin Jäger

Another advantage of the mechanical drive: The furniture can be used flexibly anywhere in the work environment independent of electrical connections. That allows architects and interior designers much greater design freedom for spatial planning.

Ketterer meets the individual requirements of its customers during construction and assembly. The Ketterer system is faster and easier to install than comparable products on the market. In addition, it is modular. An advantage of this design: The vertical adjustable tables can be sent with minimum packing dimensions.

“Our high-quality mechanical design uses a double-telescopic lifting spindle and a similarly double-telescopic gas spring unit."
– Ketterer CEO Odin Jäger

The high-quality production and material selection makes the Ketterer crank lifting system extremely durable and suitable for everyday use. Gear ratio, spindle pitch, and gas spring force are perfectly matched: Spring assemblies or counterbalances, as used in comparable systems, are unnecessary. This is how Ketterer creates the sleek design and hence small packaging units of the fast crank lifting system.

For pricing and availability please contact our sales team on 01623 655 265 or email us on [email protected].

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