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Caps, Plugs & Grommets

The fasteners in this category are intended for use with various types of cables, hoses and pipes that have round or rectangular cross section. Our self-sealing and snap in plug buttons are made to easily installed into round holes without the need for special tools. Open/close and snap bushings are quick and easy to assemble by hand and flexible enough for insulating and protecting cables, hose and tubing. Solid dome plugs, locking vent plugs and nylon hole plugs are designed to with locks and prongs that lock the fasteners in place using only finger pressure. Blanking plugs are produced from black, acid and temperature resistant thermoplastic rubber. Their compact and flexible design makes them ideal for metal panels. PVC grommets from SD Products are installed by simply snapping into place and, perfect for protection of wires and cables passing through metal panels. Our selection of metal and plastic tube inserts provide a neat and clean appearance for use in furniture manufacture.